An Airborne SAR Moving Target Imaging and Motion Parameters Estimation Algorithm With Azimuth-Dechirping and the Second-Order Keystone Transform Applied


In this paper, we have a tendency to propose an algorithm for airborne SAR moving target imaging and motion parameters estimation in Doppler ambiguity state of affairs with azimuth-dechirping and therefore the second-order keystone remodel (SOKT) applied. During this algorithm, we use a 3rd-order part model for the echo signal, and when the compensation of third-order phase, the moving target can be symmetrically targeted in azimuth. This algorithm has 5 major steps. The azimuth-dechirping is conducted to eliminate the Doppler ambiguity. The SOKT is conducted to correct the vary curvature. The Radon remodel is applied to estimate the trajectory slope for range walk correction and therefore the across-track velocity estimation. The fractional Fourier rework (FrFT) is utilised to estimate the Doppler rate for estimating the along-track velocity. The moving target is focused once azimuth compression and third-order part compensation. Both simulation and real SAR knowledge are processed to validate the proposed algorithm.

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