Infrared Windows Applied in Switchgear Assemblies: Taking Another Look


Maintenance of electrical power distribution assemblies applied in business has been vital in assuring facility uptime and reliability. One necessary metric in assuring reliability is electrical terminations of energized conductors. During normal energized service, terminations both at conductor bus joints and at cable terminations are subject over time to thermal growth and contraction, ultimately resulting in loosened connections and excessive heat. Deteriorating terminations left unchecked will ultimately fail, resulting in electrical hazards for personnel and conjointly expensive loss of production. Infrared (IR) inspection has proved to be an glorious maintenance technique utilized in identifying problems with loose electrical terminations. But, the design of internal arc classified switchgear assemblies to deal with arc-flash concerns has modified assembly designs that are now limiting line of sight access necessary for IR inspection via windows. This paper will discuss global standards, how they have an effect on switchgear styles, and application of IR windows and then gift some different technologies that, in some applications, may be additional appropriate.

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