Applying thermophysics for wind turbine drivetrain fault diagnosis using SCADA data


Value-effective wind turbine (WT) diagnosis using supervisory management and knowledge acquisition (SCADA) information could be a promising technology for future intelligent wind farm operation and management. This study presents a thermophysics-based mostly methodology for WT drivetrain fault diagnosis. A synthesised thermal model is created by incorporating thermal mechanisms of the drivetrain into a WT system model. Applications of the model are demonstrated in case studies of the gearbox and generator comparing simulation results and SCADA information analysis. The results show non-linearity of the gearbox oil temperature rise with wind speed/output power that can effectively indicate gearbox efficiency degradation, that could be attributed to gear transmission issues like gear teeth wear. Electrical generator faults like ventilation failure and winding voltage unbalance can cause changes to heat transfer and lead to temperature changes that may be used for diagnosis purposes. This is often shown by completely different patterns of stator winding temperature related to power generation, while the simulation reveals the thermal mechanism. The tactic will be applied to diagnose some failure modes which are arduous to identify from vibration analysis. The developed thermal model can play a central role for the purpose of fault diagnosis, by deriving relationships between numerous SCADA signals and revealing changes within the thermophysics of WT operation.

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