Mitigating Voltage Problem in Distribution System With Distributed Solar Generation Using Electric Vehicles


Distributed solar generation has the potential to reach high penetration levels in distribution systems. But, its integration reshapes distribution system power flows and causes speedy-fluctuations in system statuses. The facts challenge major voltage management approaches, these days, such as using online load faucet changing (OLTC) transformers, voltage regulators (VRs), or shunt capacitors. During this paper, we explore the aptitude of using vehicle-to-grid (V2G) electrical vehicles (EVs) to join distribution system voltage management, and to collaborate with OLTCs to mitigate the voltage problems caused by distribution solar generations. A 2-stage control methodology is proposed for this purpose. The primary stage controls the making of rolling schedules for EV charging and OLTC faucet positions, while the second controls the EVs to resist the solar generation fluctuation to keep up voltage profiles. A case system with simultaneous overvoltage/undervoltage risks is meant to test the effectiveness of the proposed technique. The results demonstrate that each the over/undervoltage risks are mitigated.

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