Contributing to WUDAPT: A Local Climate Zone Classification of Two Cities in Ukraine


Native climate zones (LCZs) divide the urban landscape into homogeneous varieties based mostly on urban structure (i.e., morphology of streets and buildings), urban cowl (i.e., permeability of surfaces), construction materials, and human activities (i.e., anthropogenic heat). This classification scheme represents a consistent way of capturing the fundamental urban kind of cities and is currently being applied globally as half of the world urban database and portal tools (WUDAPT) initiative. This paper assesses the transferability of the LCZ concept to two Ukrainian cities, i.e., Kyiv and Lviv, which differ in urban form and topography, and considers three ways that to validate and verify this classification theme. An accuracy of sixty four% was achieved for Kyiv using an independent validation dataset while a comparison of the LCZ maps with the GlobeLand30 land cover map resulted during a match that was greater than 75percent for each cities. There was additionally sensible correspondence between the urban categories in the LCZ maps and therefore the urban points of interest in OpenStreetMap (OSM). But, further analysis continues to be needed to provide an even validation protocol that could be used on a regular basis by contributors to WUDAPT to assist turn out more correct LCZ maps in the future.

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