Facial expression recognition based on geometric and optical flow features in colour image sequences


Facial expression recognition is a useful feature in modern human computer interaction (HCI). In order to build efficient and reliable recognition systems, face detection, feature extraction and classification have to be robustly realised. Addressing the latter two issues, this work proposes a new method based on geometric and transient optical flow features and illustrates their comparison and integration for facial expression recognition. In the authors?? method, photogrammetric techniques are used to extract three-dimensional (3-D) features from every image frame, which is regarded as a geometric feature vector. Additionally, optical flow-based motion detection is carried out between consecutive images, what leads to the transient features. Artificial neural network and support vector machine classification results demonstrate the high performance of the proposed method. In particular, through the use of 3-D normalisation and colour information, the proposed method achieves an advanced feature representation for the accurate and robust classification of facial expressions.

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