Green’s Function Using Schelkunoff Integrals for Horizontal Electric Dipoles Over an Imperfect Ground Plane


Recently, Schelkunoff integrals are used to formulate a Green’s operate for analysis of radiation from a vertical electrical dipole over an imperfect ground plane. Schelkunoff integrals were proved to be more suitable for numerical computation for large radial distances than the Sommerfeld integrals that are used conventionally to deal with antennas over an imperfect ground. This is as a result of Schelkunoff integrals haven't any convergence drawback on the tail of the contour of integration, especially when the fields are calculated close to the boundary separating the media and for large supply–receiver separations. In this paper, the Schelkunoff integrals are utilised to derive a Green’s operate for the case of a horizontal electrical dipole radiating over an imperfect ground plane (a 2-media problem where the lower medium is lossy). A detailed comparison between the presented expressions and the traditional ones based on Sommerfeld integrals is illustrated each numerically and analytically.

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