Evaluation of Radiation Sensor Aspects of $text_2$$text_3$ MOS Capacitors under Zero Gate Bias


The aim of this study is to investigate the usage of Erbium Oxide ( ) as a gate dielectric in MOS-based radiation sensors. skinny films were deposited on a p-kind Si (one hundred) substrate via RF magnetron sputtering and were annealed at five hundred° C under ambient. The structural properties of the thin films were determined via XRD, FTIR, and AFM analyses. The Erbium silicate formation was not observed in the XRD and FTIR spectra. The roughness root-mean-square was measured as sixteen.four nm by the AFM analysis. Following the outline of the film, the MOS capacitors were fabricated and irradiated by a radioactive supply in numerous doses varying from 4 Gy to 76 Gy. The capacitance–voltage (C-V) curves shifted to the correct side compared to the best one in the dose vary of 4–16 Gy and to the left side from sixteen Gy to seventy six Gy. The oxide trapped charge density increased with an increasing irradiation dose. A important variation in the interface states densities wasn't observed, the price of which always remained within the order of in the studied dose vary. Primarily based on these results, it can be said that gamma radiation does not cause a important deterioration throughout irradiation. The calibration curve of the capacitor was obtained from the flat band voltage shifts relying on the gamma dose. Some electrical parameters, like the barrier height and acceptor concentration, were investigated depending on the gamma dose. The sensitivity of the capacitor was determined to be 107 mV/Gy for the dose vary of four–16 Gy and sixty one mV/Gy for the dose range of 16–76. These results showed that the MOS capacitor was more sensitive to the gamma radiation compared to the and -based capacitors.

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