Use of Boundary Control With Second-Order Switching Surface to Reduce the System Order for Deadbeat Controller in Grid-Connected Inverter


Deadbeat control is commonly used in grid-connected inverter with L filter, but it faces the challenge of getting filter resonance in inverter with LCL filter. Although many active damping techniques are proposed to tackle such phenomenon, their digital implementation would introduce nonminimum part characteristics. Furthermore, the plant viewed by the deadbeat controller is of high order, creating the system performance be vulnerable to the drift of the filter parameters. This paper introduces a replacement perspective of using boundary control with second-order switching surface to cut back the order of the plant viewed by the deadbeat controller. The structure hybridizes the deserves of the deadbeat control in its simplicity and the boundary control in achieving wide management bandwidth. Tiny-signal dynamic modeling of the boundary control is formulated. The performance sensitivities of the system to filter parameters and grid inductance variations are studied with the derived models. An online grid inductance estimation algorithm is proposed to assure sufficient section margin under an extremely weak-grid condition. A 2-kW, 220-V, 50-Hz prototype with the switching frequency of 8 kHz has been engineered and evaluated. Its steady-state and transient behavior, and harmonic rejection capability below stiff- and weak-grid conditions are discussed.

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