Micro Ultrasonic Motor Using a Cube With a Side Length of 0.5 mm


Actuator miniaturization to submillimeter scales encounters difficult fabrication and heavy torque dissipation caused by adhesion forces. This study presents a design for micro ultrasonic motors that permits microfabrication and motor actuation. The stator prototype, which is the tiniest ultrasonic motor reported to date, includes a metallic cube with a facet length of 0.five mm and a through-hole of 0.33-mm diameter at its center, and 2 piezoelectric parts adhered to its sides. Underneath two completely different applied voltages, the stator generates a driving force and transfers it to the rotor inserted within the through-hole. Performance assessments show that this micromotor generates a median angular velocity of 123 rad/s and a peak torque of zero.a pair of μN·m. This torque price exceeds that of the present micromotors.

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