Auction-Based Resource Allocation Mechanism in Federated Cloud Environment: TARA


As a result of the expanding market for Cloud Computing, there has been an increase in the demand for cloud resources, and it will become increasingly challenging for individual service providers (SPs) to satisfy all resource requests. As a result, this creates a scenario in which two or more SPs may come together to form a group, known as a federation, and share their resources in order to meet the demand of cloud users and gain an economic advantage. Now that more than one federation has been formed by various cloud providers, it may be difficult for users to choose a suitable federation that is able to provide cloud services at prices that are reasonable. In this context, it is necessary to have a framework that will stop market manipulation and efficiently allocate the resources of cloud federations to the users at a price that is fair. In this article, we propose a multi-unit double auction mechanism that we call TARA (Truthful Double Auction for Resource Allocation). This mechanism can be used to choose cloud federations for users in an efficient manner so that users can obtain resources from those cloud federations. In this paper, we consider a multi-seller and multi-buyer double auction mechanism for heterogeneous resources. In this mechanism, each buyer places their bids, and each seller places their ask prices (the price of a resource that is offered by a federation). Truthfulness, also known as incentive compatibility, individual rationality, and budget balance are some of the important properties that can be achieved with TARA for both buyers and sellers. TARA is also efficient in terms of computation and possesses a high level of system efficiency. The findings of the simulation also demonstrate that the total utility of the buyer is higher than that of some already established double auction mechanisms.

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