Inertial Sensor-Based Stride Parameter Calculation From Gait Sequences in Geriatric Patients


A close and quantitative gait analysis will offer proof of various gait impairments in elderly people. To provide an objective decision-making basis for gait analysis, simple applicable tests analyzing a high number of strides are required. A mobile gait analysis system, that is mounted on shoes, can fulfill these requirements. This paper presents a methodology for computing clinically relevant temporal and spatial gait parameters. Therefore, an accelerometer and a gyroscope were positioned laterally below every ankle joint. Temporal gait events were detected by searching for characteristic options in the signals. To calculate stride length, the gravity compensated accelerometer signal was double integrated, and sensor drift was modeled employing a piece-wise defined linear perform. The presented method was validated using GAITRite-based gait parameters from one zero one patients (average age eighty two.1 years). Subjects performed a normal walking take a look at with and without a wheeled walker. The parameters stride length and stride time showed a correlation of zero.93 and 0.ninety five between each systems. The absolute error of stride length was half dozen.twenty six cm on traditional walking take a look at. The developed system still because the GAITRite showed an increased stride length, when employing a four-wheeled walker as walking aid. However, the walking aid interfered with the automated analysis of the GAITRite system, but not with the inertial sensor-primarily based approach. In outline, an algorithm for the calculation of clinically relevant gait parameters derived from inertial sensors is applicable in the diagnostic workup and also during long-term monitoring approaches within the elderly population.

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