Dense Correspondences across Scenes and Scales


We seek a sensible method for establishing dense correspondences between two pictures with similar content, however probably different 3D scenes. One of the challenges in planning such a system is the native scale differences of objects showing within the two images. Previous strategies often thought-about solely few image pixels; matching solely pixels for which stable scales could be reliably estimated. Recently, others have thought of dense correspondences, however with substantial costs associated with generating, storing and matching scale invariant descriptors. Our work is motivated by the observation that pixels in the image have contexts-the pixels around them-which may be exploited in order to reliably estimate native scales. We create the subsequent contributions. (i) We show that scales estimated in sparse interest points might be propagated to neighboring pixels where this info cannot be reliably determined. Doing therefore allows scale invariant descriptors to be extracted anywhere in the image. (ii) We explore three means for propagating this data: using the scales at detected interest points, using the underlying image data to guide scale propagation in every image separately, and using each images together. Finally, (iii), we tend to offer intensive qualitative and quantitative results, demonstrating that scale propagation permits for correct dense correspondences to be obtained even between very different images, with little computational prices beyond those required by existing ways.

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