JPGcarve: An Advanced Tool for Automated Recovery of Fragmented JPEG Files


During this paper, we have a tendency to gift a brand new tool for forensic recovery of single and multi-fragment JPEG/JFIF data files. First, we tend to discuss the essential design and the technical ways composing our proposed information carving algorithm. Next, we have a tendency to compare the performance of our method with the well-known Adroit Photo Forensics (APF) state-of-the art tool. This comparison is focused on each the carving results likewise as the obtained data processing speed, and is evaluated in terms of the results that may be obtained for many well-known reference data sets. Vital to notice is that we tend to specifically focus on the fundamental recovery and fragment matching performance of the tools by forcing them to use various assumed cluster sizes. We tend to show that on all accounts our new tool will significantly outperform APF. This improvement in knowledge processing speed and carving results will be principally attributed to novel methods to iterate and scale back the data search space and to a unique parameterless method to work out the end of a fraction primarily based on the pixel data. Finally, we tend to discuss many choices for future research.

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