Augmented Reality Binoculars


During this paper we have a tendency to present an augmented reality binocular system to permit long range high precision augmentation of live telescopic imagery with aerial and terrain based mostly artificial objects, vehicles, individuals and effects. The inserted objects must seem stable within the display and must not jitter and drift because the user pans around and examines the scene with the binoculars. The planning of the system is based on using 2 totally different cameras with wide field of read and narrow field of view lenses enclosed in an exceedingly binocular formed shell. Using the wide field of view offers us context and allows us to recover the 3D location and orientation of the binoculars much a lot of robustly, whereas the slender field of view is used for the actual augmentation with to extend precision in tracking. We present our navigation algorithm that uses the 2 cameras together with an inertial measurement unit and world positioning system in an extended Kalman filter and provides jitter free, sturdy and real-time cause estimation for precise augmentation. We have a tendency to have demonstrated successful use of our system as half of information sharing example with a live simulated coaching system for observer coaching, in that fastened and rotary wing aircrafts, ground vehicles, and weapon effects are combined with globe scenes.

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