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No Project Titles Abstract
1 . Analysis of adaptive filter and ICA for noise Cancellation from a video frame - 2016 Abstract
2 . Learning joint demosaicing and denoising based on Sequential energy minimization - 2016 Abstract
3 . sequence-to-sequence similarity-based filter for image denoising - 2016 Abstract
4 . continuously adaptive data fusion and model relearning for particle filter tracking with multiple features - 2016 Abstract
5 . Tiled-block image reconstruction by waveletBased, parallel filtered back-projection - 2016 Abstract
6 . Finger vein biometric: Smartphone footprint prototype with vein map Extraction using computational imaging techniques - 2016 Abstract
7 . A Novel Image Representation via Local Frequency Analysis for Illumination Invariant Stereo Matching - 2015 Abstract
8 . PISA: Pixel wise Image Saliency by Aggregating Complementary Appearance Contrast Measures With Edge-Preserving Coherence - 2015 Abstract
9 . Compressive Bilateral Filtering - 2015 Abstract
10 . Image Denoising by Exploring External and Internal Correlations - 2015 Abstract

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