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Fuzzy Bisimulation for Gödel Modal Logic

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Fuzzy Bisimulation for Gödel Modal Logic


Bisimulation may be a central concept in the model theory of modal logic with extensive computational applications. It is a relation between 2 models in that related states have identical atomic properties and matching transition prospects. Bisimulation captures the expressive power of propositional modal logic in the way that bisimilar states don't seem to be distinguishable by any propositional modal formula. In recent years, fuzzy modal logic has received much attention as a result of of the association between uncertainty measures and fuzzy modalities. During this paper, we outline the notion of fuzzy bisimulation and prove that, in a very fuzzified version, it bears the identical relationship to fuzzy modal logic that bisimulation bears to propositional modal logic.

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Fuzzy Bisimulation for Gödel Modal Logic - 4.8 out of 5 based on 83 votes

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