Partial automatic repeat request transceiver for bandwidth and power efficient multiple-input–multiple-output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems


During this study, the authors present a novel method to enhance the performance of automatic repeat request (ARQ) protocol for multiple-input–multiple-output systems that use orthogonal frequency division multiplexing signalling by incorporating partial ARQ (PARQ) mechanism. As a typical ARQ frame has few range of errors, it is useful to retransmit partial sequence of symbols and get over errors by consuming relatively low bandwidth. The observations from the primary transmission and subsequent retransmission are used for joint detection. As an instantaneous consequence of partial retransmission, the bandwidth and power efficiency of the overall system is improved significantly without substantial decrease within the performance. They achieve any bandwidth saving by omitting pilot sequence from the partial retransmission and acquire channel estimate in semi-blind fashion. Partial retransmission of the first information image sequence permits the authors to formulate second-order statistics primarily based joint blind channel estimation problem by combining observations from two transmissions. Channel estimation ambiguity inherent to blind strategies is resolved by combining value functions of blind detection and least-square estimator. To evaluate efficacy of the proposed PARQ method, they compare throughput of chase-sort hybrid-ARQ and also the proposed PARQ ways.

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