Ultraviolet Detection Properties of p-Si/n-TiO2 Heterojunction Photodiodes Grown by Electron-Beam Evaporation and Sol–Gel Methods: A Comparative Study


This paper reports a comparative study of the ultraviolet (UV) detection properties of n-TiO2/p-Si heterojunction devices fabricated using 2 different deposition techniques namely the electron-beam evaporation (EBE) and sol-gel (SG) strategies. A systematic study has also been applied to research the structural, electrical, and optical properties of the as deposited TiO2 skinny films on p-Si substrates by the EBE and SG strategies. The electrical parameters of both the n-TiO2/p-Si heterojunction photodiodes have been measured and compared below dark and UV illumination conditions. The SG primarily based n-TiO2/p-Si heterojunction photodiodes are observed with an glorious contrast ratio of ~83911 at -five.two V bias voltage, which is ~6445 times over the EBE-primarily based device. The measured responsivities of the EBE and SG based mostly devices are ~0.sixty nine and ~one.25 A/W at a bias voltage of -10 V (Popt = 650 μW and λ = 365 nm), respectively. Thus, the n-TiO2/p-Si heterojunction diodes with SG derived TiO2 films are considered to be a better selection over the EBE-primarily based n-TiO2/p-Si diodes for UV detection applications.

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