Quality of Experience User’s Perception about Web Services - 2015


Net service composition enables seamless and dynamic integration of Internet services. The behavior of participant Internet services determines the overall performance of a composition. Therefore, it is vital to settle on top quality services for service composition. Existing Internet service choice and discovery approaches depend upon non-useful aspects (conjointly called quality of service or QoS), e.g., response time and availability. Though these parameters are crucial for selecting Internet services, they may not replicate the user's perspective of quality. During this paper, we tend to explore the feasibility of incorporating perceived quality from user's perspective for service choice and composition. We tend to name such quality attributes as quality of expertise (QoE). 1st, we propose a answer that automatically mines and identifies QoE attributes from the Internet. Second, we tend to study the appliance of such dynamically extracted QoE attributes for service selection. For the evaluation purpose, we have a tendency to collected a lot of than thirty four,00zero reviews from 58 completely different services in six domains. Our findings show that it is potential to automatically determine QoE attributes with an average precision and recall of ninety two and 80 % respectively. Our study shows that there is a robust positive correlation between QoS and QoE. Hence QoE can be used during service selection especially when QoS data don't seem to be available. Furthermore, we tend to found 70 p.c of service discovery queries indeed contain QoE attributes showing the importance of QoE attributes during the service discovery phase.

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