Dynamic Network Control for Confidential Multi-Hop Communications


We have a tendency to take into account the matter of resource allocation and management of multihop networks in which multiple supply-destination pairs communicate confidential messages, to be kept confidential from the intermediate nodes. We have a tendency to create the matter as that of network utility maximization, into that confidentiality is incorporated as a further quality of service constraint. We have a tendency to develop a simple, and nevertheless provably optimal dynamic control algorithm that mixes flow management, routing and end-to-end secrecy-encoding. In order to realize confidentiality, our theme exploits multipath diversity and temporal diversity due to channel variability. Our finish-to-end dynamic encoding scheme encodes confidential messages across multiple packets, to be combined at the final destination for recovery. We have a tendency to first develop an optimal dynamic policy for the case in which the quantity of blocks across which secrecy encoding is performed is asymptotically large. Next, we have a tendency to think about encoding across a finite range of packets, which eliminates the possibility of achieving excellent secrecy. For this case, we develop a dynamic policy to choose the encoding rates for each message, based mostly on the instantaneous channel state info, queue states and secrecy outage needs. By numerical analysis, we observe that the proposed scheme approaches the optimal rates asymptotically with increasing block size. Finally, we have a tendency to address the implications of sensible implementation issues such as infrequent queue updates and de-centralized scheduling. We demonstrate the efficacy of our policies by numerical studies underneath numerous network conditions.

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