Implementation of a CMOS-MEMS Filter Through a Mixed Electrical and Mechanical Coupling Scheme


We tend to propose a completely unique filter coupling theme, that combines the merits of mechanically and electrically coupled ways to enable a well-outlined narrow bandwidth and a tight stopband rejection during a CMOS-MEMS bandpass filter. Within the proposed style, a previously developed free-free beam arrayed resonator is employed as a basic resonant tank for the filter concept validation. By the employment of several style methods, as well as oxide-wealthy structure, arrayed design, and deep-submicrometer transducer's gap, the constituent resonant tanks feature little motional impedance (Rm), making filter termination feasible. Furthermore, we have a tendency to additionally give the complete equivalent circuit and numerical modeling for such a fourth-order bandpass filter below the proposed coupling theme. Compared with the ancient coupling topologies, the presented coupling concept is capable of achieving vital feedthrough suppression and precise bandwidth management, solely at the cost of slight in-band loss. As a result, we successfully demonstrate a terminated CMOS-MEMS filter targeted at 8.fifty eight MHz with a slim passband of thirty five kHz and a stopband rejection larger than twenty dB. The proposed design concept of mixed coupling scheme can additionally be implemented in alternative MEMS fabrication platforms.

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