A General Active Capacitor Voltage Regulating Method for L-Level M-Cell N-Phase Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter With Arbitrary DC Voltage Distribution


The flying capacitor multilevel inverter (FCMLI) is one of the well-known structures of multilevel inverters having attracted considerable attention as a result of of its deserves. In spite of its many blessings, it has some limitations such as high volume and complicated control methodology because of its bulky capacitors and their voltage balancing demand. Moreover, the high range of power semiconductors needed makes this structure inclined to failure. To extend the ratio of the number of levels to the quantity of components, an uneven distribution of capacitor voltages has been advised in previous reports; however, this approach complicates the control method. Up to now, nearly all presented strategies suffer from high computational load and/or structure-dependent algorithm. During this paper, a easy state-based mostly and structure-freelance methodology is proposed for capacitor voltage regulation. The proposed technique is simple and can perform on-line computation of switching sequences during a computationally economical manner while not any want for stored info or look-up tables. The method is conveniently extendible to any variety of cells and levels in an FCMLI structure with arbitrary dc link voltage distribution schemes. Simulation and experimental results show the effectiveness and ease of this technique.

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