Adjustable Aperture Based on the Phase Modulation of Spatial Light Modulator


During this paper, we propose an adjustable aperture primarily based on the section modulation of a spatial light-weight modulator (SLM). Two polarized beam splitters (PBSs) are used to manage the polarized light-weight and one SLM is used to modulate the part of the polarized light. A specific grayscale is produced, where the middle grayscale is with part of 0 and the other is with section of π. When the sunshine passes through the first PBS and also the SLM, the polarized state of p-light is changed to s-lightweight by the grayscale with section of π, thus solely middle lightweight can tolerate the second PBS and is detected by the camera. By controlling the scale of the middle grayscale with phase of zero, the device can notice the function of adjustable aperture. Our experiment shows that the aperture will be tuned between 0 and full size, meaning that it will reach the fully open and closed state. The results verify its feasibility. The adjustable aperture has wide applications in imaging system, fiber-optic communication, and photonic signal processing.

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