Millimeter Wave MIMO With Lens Antenna Array: A New Path Division Multiplexing Paradigm


Millimeter wave (mmWave) communication is a promising technology for future wireless systems, while one sensible challenge is to achieve its giant-antenna gains with only restricted radio frequency (RF) chains for value-effective implementation. To this end, we have a tendency to study in this paper a new lens antenna array enabled mmWave multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communication system. We have a tendency to first show that the array response of lens antenna arrays follows a “sinc” function, where the antenna part with the peak response is set by the angle of arrival (AoA)/departure (AoD) of the received/transmitted signal. By exploiting this distinctive property along with the multi-path sparsity of mmWave channels, we tend to propose a novel low-price and capacity-achieving spatial multiplexing scheme for both slender-band and wide-band mmWave communications, termed path division multiplexing (PDM), where parallel knowledge streams are transmitted over different propagation ways with easy per-path processing. We have a tendency to more propose a easy path grouping technique with cluster-primarily based tiny-scale MIMO processing to effectively mitigate the inter-stream interference due to similar AoAs/AoDs. Numerical results are provided to match the performance of the proposed mmWave lens MIMO against the standard MIMO with uniform planar arrays (UPAs) and hybrid analog/digital processing. It is shown that the proposed style achieves vital throughput gains furthermore complexity and value reductions, so leading to a promising new paradigm for mmWave MIMO communications.

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