A Three-Phase Wireless-Power-Transfer System for Online Electric Vehicles With Reduction of Leakage Magnetic Fields


Wireless charging of electrical vehicles based mostly on wireless power transfer (WPT) has become increasingly well-liked lately. But, a leakage electromagnetic field (EMF) that affects other electronic devices or the human body is inevitably generated from the coils of a WPT system, and needs regarding the suppression of the leakage EMF are increasing. During this paper, we tend to propose a completely unique 3-phase power line in an exceedingly WPT system for the reduction of the leakage EMF. The proposed structure employs six power lines to reduce the leakage magnetic flux. This structure is compared with typical power line structures with respect to induced voltage and magnetic field distribution. We have a tendency to additionally present analytical solutions of the EMF for the proposed and standard power line structures. These solutions are then compared with numerical solutions using 3-d finite-component analysis and sensible agreement is demonstrated. The results of the numerical analysis indicate that the proposed power line will considerably cut back the leakage magnetic field from a WPT system. For verification, the proposed and typical power lines are implemented and also the EMFs are measured. A robust correlation between the numerical and experimental results is exhibited.

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