Pairwise Transmission Using Superposition Coding for Relay-Assisted Downlink Communications


We think about the downlink relay network, for which a pairwise transmission strategy is steered with the users being grouped into pairs and the source communicating to every try of users employing a novel pairwise relaying protocol. By utilizing superposition coding (SC), the messages of each 2 paired users are intentionally transmitted non-orthogonally or simultaneously in the same time-frequency channel to compensate for the bandwidth loss of relaying. We investigate the optimal decoding at the relay and therefore the users, respectively, that are then combined to guide the selection of the facility allocation factors of SC and to make a decision the corresponding decoding order. Then, a largely simplified outage expression of the pairwise relaying protocol is given, based mostly on which we investigate, for the multi-user scenarios, the user pairing drawback from the attitude of minimizing the full power consumption underneath targeted outage possibilities of the users. An simply implemented user pairing algorithm with computational complexity of is provided, that achieves a performance that is very shut to that of the optimal user pairing that can be solved in polynomial time, . Numerical results show that the pairwise transmission strategy can significantly decrease the common transmit power.

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