A high-performance blue filter for a white-led-based visible light communication system


A high-performance blue filter was demonstrated and utilized to increase the modulation bandwidth and dramatically reduce the bit error rate of a white-LED-based VLC system. It has a very wide stopband (five hundred-1050 nm), high transmittance passband (average 97.five % in the blue signal vary of 430-485 nm), and a pointy and precise cutoff edge. Not solely will the blue filter utterly take away the slow phosphorescent element from modulated signals, but it can conjointly effectively reject ambient solar radiation. Meanwhile, the blue lightweight signals of the LED can nearly be retained. This leads to a high SNR and improves the performance of a VLC system, as well as increased modulation bandwidth and reduced BER. The BER can be dramatically reduced from three.half dozen × 10-a pair of to × ten-4 at fifty MHz bandwidth, and from × ten-2 to one.9 × 10-5 at a distance of thirty cm compared to a VLC system without our blue filter. Additional importantly, the stop band covers the entire response range of the receiver apart from the blue signal band, that strongly will increase the ability of a VLC system utilized in the sun or outdoors.

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