SINR Estimation in Limited Feedback Coordinated Multipoint Systems


Coordinated multipoint (CoMP) transmission can provide high spectral potency for cellular systems if good channels are obtainable. In restricted feedback systems, aside from channel direction, signal-to-noise-and-interference ratio (SINR) is critical to help in user scheduling and adaptive transmission. When the ways to estimate SINR in single-cell systems is applied to CoMP systems, the performance can considerably degrade. During this paper, we estimate the SINR for downlink CoMP systems. We start by showing that the quantization error vector is now not isotropic when quantizing CoMP channels. This means that the vector has an inherent structure. We proceed to formulate an optimization downside to seek out the quantization error vector that maximizes the multiuser interference power beneath the structure constraint. This means, we can exploit the nonisotropic nature of the quantization error vector and avoid overestimating the SINR. Simulation results show that the proposed method provides high throughput and low outage likelihood with negligible extra feedback overhead.

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