Unknown Tag Identification in Large RFID Systems: An Efficient and Complete Solution


Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology brings revolutionary changes to many fields like retail business. One vital analysis issue in massive RFID systems is that the identification of unknown tags, i.e., tags that just entered the system but haven't been interrogated by reader(s) covering them yet. Unknown tag identification plays a essential role in automatic inventory management and misplaced tag discovery, however it is so much from totally investigated. Existing solutions either trivially interrogate all the tags in the system and thus are highly time inefficient due to re-identification of already identified tags, or use probabilistic approaches that can't guarantee complete identification of all the unknown tags. During this paper, we have a tendency to propose a series of protocols that can establish all of the unknown tags with high time efficiency. We tend to develop several novel techniques to quickly deactivate already identified tags and prevent them from replying during the interrogation of unknown tags, which avoids re-identification of those tags and consequently improves time potency. To our information, our protocols are the primary non-trivial solutions that guarantee complete identification of all the unknown tags. We tend to illustrate the effectiveness of our protocols through both rigorous theoretical analysis and extensive simulations. Simulation results show that our protocols can save up to seventy % time when compared with the most effective existing solutions.

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