Primary user localisation and uplink resource allocation in orthogonal frequency division multiple access cognitive radio systems


In cognitive radio networks, secondary users (SUs) can share spectrum with primary users (PUs) under the condition that no interference is caused to the PUs. To evaluate the interference imposed to the PUs, the cognitive systems discussed within the literature typically assume that the channel state information (CSI) of the link from a secondary transmitter to a primary receiver (interference link) is thought at the secondary transmitter. However, this assumption might often be impractical in cognitive radio systems, since the PUs would like to be oblivious to the presence of the SUs. The authors initial discuss PU localisation and then introduce an uplink resource allocation algorithm for orthogonal frequency division multiple access-primarily based cognitive radio systems, where relative location data between primary and SUs is used instead of CSI of the interference link to estimate the interference. Numerical and simulation results show that it is indeed effective to use location info as a half of resource allocation and so a close to-optimal capability is achieved.

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