Demonstration of a symmetric 40 Gbit/s TWDM-PON over 40 km passive reach using 10 G burst-mode DML and EDC for upstream transmission [invited]


To satisfy the 2015 timeline, a hybrid time- and wavelength-division multiplexed passive optical network (TWDM-PON) has been selected because the pragmatic path toward the second stage of the subsequent-generation PON (NG-PON2). High-end business users and mobile front-haul/back-haul for next-generation wireless systems that highly rely on symmetrical knowledge rate services are believed to be the main deployment drivers for NG-PON2. In this paper, for the primary time to the most effective of our knowledge, we have a tendency to demonstrate a symmetric forty Gbit/s TWDM-PON system that totally complies with the up-to-date full service access network/International Telecommunication Union NG-PON2 migration path. There are 2 distinguishing options from previously reported systems. One is that four symmetric 10 Gbit/s wavelength pairs are supported at the final NG-PON2 wavelength set up [i.e., (C-/L+) band] over forty km passive reach, and the other is that a burst-mode tunable directly modulated laser and burst-mode electronic dispersion compensation are demonstrated for ten G upstream transmission instead of tunable external modulated lasers. The selection of the ultimate NG-PON2 wavelength set up is initial briefly reviewed. Then the key enabling technologies for our demonstrated TWDM-PON are analyzed and their technological decisions, availability, and performances are additional investigated. Once illustrating the demonstrated system architecture and configuration, measurements and analysis are presented to prove the system feasibility and technical availability. In this demonstration, N1 and N2 optical distribution network (ODN) classes will be totally supported without amplifiers, whereas preamplification is required to realize El and E2 ODN classes. Both downstream and upstream optical parameters are summarized.

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