A Highly Flexible Trajectory Model Based on the Primitives of Brownian Fields—Part I: Fundamental Principles and Implementation Aspects


A fundamental drawback of artificial mobility models is that the spatial configuration of the trail is decided by the temporal options of the mobile station (MS), such as its speed. This is, however, not true really. This 1st part of our paper establishes a replacement approach for generating absolutely spatial random trajectory (mobility) models to that totally different speed situations can be applied. We use the new approach to the proposal of a highly versatile trajectory model based mostly on the primitives (integrals) of Brownian fields (BFs). We construct a drifted partial random bridge from a given starting point to a random terminating purpose in the 2D plane. If the bridge is partially established, a target zone with a predefined radius and center can be reached via random ways. If the bridge is fully established, a certain destination point will be achieved by suggests that of random bridges. For the broken bridge, fully random terminating points are obtained. The smoothness of the trail will be controlled by the primitives of the employed BF. The implementation aspects of the trail model in simulation environments are mentioned. In wireless communications, the model can be used for tracking (estimating) the location of the MS, performance analysis of mobile impromptu networks, and channel modeling underneath non-stationary conditions.

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