Intelligent access network selection in converged multi-radio heterogeneous networks


Heterogeneous multi-radio networks are rising network architectures that comprise hierarchical deployments of increasingly smaller cells. In these deployments, every user device could employ multiple radio access technologies to communicate with network infrastructure. With the growing numbers of such multi-radio shopper devices, mobile network operators look for to leverage spectrum across diverse radio technologies, therefore boosting capability and enhancing quality of service. In this article, we have a tendency to review major challenges in delivering uniform connectivity and service expertise to converged multiradio heterogeneous deployments. We envision that multiple radios and associated device/infrastructure intelligence for his or her efficient use will become a basic characteristic of future 5G technologies, where the distributed unlicensed-band network (e.g., WiFi) may use the centralized control operate residing within the cellular network (e.g., 3GPP LTE). Illustrating many accessible architectural decisions for integrating WiFi and LTE networks, we specifically target interworking within the radio access network and detail possible options for intelligent access network choice. Both network- and user-centric approaches are thought of, whereby the control rests with the network or the user. In particular, our system-level simulation results indicate that load-aware usercentric schemes, which augment SNR measurements with additional info about network loading, could improve the performance of conventional WiFi-preferred solutions based mostly on minimum SNR threshold. Comparison with a lot of advanced network-controlled schemes has also been completed to verify enticing practical benefits of distributed user-centric algorithms. Building on in depth system-wide simulation knowledge, we conjointly propose novel analytical space-time methodology for assisted network selection capturing user traffic dynamics along with spatial randomness of multi-radio heterogeneous networks.

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