Decentralized Communication and Control Systems for Power System Operation


Due to the rapid deployment of phasor measurement units (PMUs) on giant power grids, the system operators currently have access to high speed high resolution data. A new class of monitoring and control applications are made possible with the PMUs. Although PMU primarily based monitoring systems are well developed, implementations of PMU based mostly fast acting closed loop wide space management systems are comparatively rare. To fulfill the stringent latency requirements of a large space controller the communication and power infrastructures should collaborate strongly. In this paper, a combined process for style and simulation of each communication network and power network has been presented with the objective of damping interarea oscillations. A method to work out the optimal location of knowledge routing hubs so as to minimize the volume of communications is additionally proposed. The IEEE 118 bus system is used to check the performance of communication system and also the wide space power damping management system on both centralized and decentralized topologies, and therefore the results are discussed. One in every of the conclusions of the paper is that the decentralized communication architectures involving data routing hubs are better suited to management applications requiring fast management actions.

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