Comparison of DOA Algorithms Applied to Ultrasonic Arrays for PD Location in Oil


To scale back the quantity of parts and the value of follow-up circuit of a $sixteen times 16$ ultrasonic array sensor, two ultrasonic array sensors are designed. One is L shaped with 13 parts and the other is cross formed with 25 components. Primarily based on these two ultrasonic array sensors, this paper compares the directional performance of a two-sided correlation transformation algorithm, which could be a broadband focusing algorithm, an array expanded algorithm primarily based on fourth-order cumulants, and a mixture of these two algorithms, particularly, synthesis algorithm. The broadband focusing algorithm can change to the broadband ultrasonic signal emitted by partial discharge (PD) source. Once virtual enlargement, the L-shaped and cross-shaped ultrasonic arrays can achieve the effects of an array with ninety seven and 193 elements, respectively. The adaptive capacity of broadband ultrasonic signal emitted by the PD source, and the precision of direction to PD are compared for the three algorithms. Directing simulation and experiments with single or multiple PD sources are meted out. The results show that the directing precision is highest with the synthesis algorithm, the error is <;two°, the peaks of spatial spectrum are sharp, and the best broadband adaptive capacity and noise suppression ability are achieved. This paper ought to offer a foundation for the appliance of array technology in enhancing the reliability of power transformer operation.

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