Degrees of Freedom of MIMO Multiway Relay Channel With Clustered Pairwise Exchange


In this paper, we have a tendency to consider a symmetric multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) multiway relay channel (mRC) with $L$ clusters and $K$ users per cluster operating in clustered pairwise information exchange. Each user is supplied with $M$ antennas, and the relay is supplied with $N$ antennas. The degrees of freedom (DoF) of the MIMO mRC has recently attracted abundant research interest. The DoF results below certain configurations of $(L,K,M,N) $ have been reported. However, the DoF capability of the MIMO mRC with an arbitrary network configuration is, generally, far from being well understood. In this regard, the most contribution of this paper is to propose a scientific signal alignment approach to jointly style the beamforming matrices at the users and also the relay. Based mostly on that, an achievable DoF springs for the MIMO mRC with an arbitrary network configuration of $(L,K,M,N) $. Our analysis revealed that the derived achievable DoF is piecewise linear in $M$ and $N$ alternately. Moreover, we tend to showed that the DoF capability can be achieved for $Mover Ninleft[1over LK(K-1)+1over 2,inftyright)$ and $Mover Ninleft(0,Lqover LK(Lq-1)right]$, where $q=2leftlceilKover 2 rightrceil$. We further de- ived the asymptotic DoF as $K$ or $Lrightarrowinfty$. The DoF analysis in this paper can offer insights on the sensible style of efficient communication mechanisms over multiterminal MIMO relay networks.

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