Modelling of concentrating solar power plant for power system reliability studies


Growing share of concentrating solar power (CSP) plants in power systems creates the necessity for including these renewable sources in power system reliability studies. As such studies analyse the grid on a global scale and start to be performed increasingly by Monte Carlo simulations, modelling of CSP production should be reasonably simplified so as to scale back the calculation time. The model simplification additionally issues the minimisation of the required specific information and input information that permits power system engineers to evaluate the impact of CSP without substantial experience in its underlying physics and by specializing in the key style parameters. There is a large variety of accurate CSP simulation programs and models, and yet neither of them offers the specified simplicity. This study addresses this gap by proposing reduced models for predicting energy output of parabolic trough and central receiver systems. The calculation procedure and its underlying assumptions are presented. The adequacy of the models is demonstrated by comparing their predictions with that of the System Advisor Model for various case scenarios.

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