Key elements to enable millimeter wave communications for 5G wireless systems


Current cellular spectrum at below 3 GHz bands is experiencing severe shortage and cannot keep up with the dramatic proliferation of mobile traffic in the near future, requiring the search for innovative solutions to enable the 5G era. mmWave communications, with a possible gigabit-per-second data rate, have attracted great attention as a candidate for 5G broadband cellular communication networks. However, a complete characterization of mmWave links for 5G wireless networks still remains elusive and there are many challenges and research areas that need to be addressed. In this work we discuss several key elements to enable mmWave communications in 5G: · Channel characteristics regarding mmWave signal attenuation due to free space propagation, atmospheric gaseous and rain are explained. · The hybrid (digital plus analog) beamforming architecture in mmWave system is discussed. · The blockage effect in mmWave communications due to penetration loss and possible approaches are presented. · The application of mmWave transmission with narrow beams in non-orthogonal device-todevice communication is proposed. · mmWave transmission in the booster cell of heterogeneous anchor-booster networks. · mmWave transmission for small cell backhaul is further discussed.

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