Toward green data centers as an interruptible load for grid stabilization in Singapore


For sustainability and environmental friendliness, renewable energy (RE) and distributed generation (DG), for example, photovoltaic, are being integrated in electrical systems in many countries. RE and DG, but, will be unstable for the power grid. As the ability grid integrates an increasing amount of RE and DG, we present technical solutions together with an economic incentive model to enable data centers to serve as a unique "interruptible" load (i.e. a power load that can be scaled down temporally) to stabilize the power grid. We propose a unique real-time power analytics framework referred to as embedded software as sensors, where software hooks are embedded into a vary of knowledge center subsystems, from chip to system to application level, to observe ICT activities and power usage in an exceedingly fine grained, real-time manner. Information from these virtual sensors are then mined to construct energy consumption models, that in flip are used to develop optimal algorithms for energy aware operation of computing, power distribution, and cooling systems in the information center. This holistic monitoring and optimization framework will cut back the overall power consumption of the information center, and furthermore allows time shifting of workloads in the info center in response to power fluctuations arising from the combination of RE and DG to the ability grid.

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