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Optimal Association in Wireless Mesh Networks

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Optimal Association in Wireless Mesh Networks


The wireless multihop backhaul is a distinctive feature of wireless mesh networks (WMNs), which necessitates redesign of association control algorithms. In this paper, we formulate and propose approximation algorithms for the matter of optimal joint association and bandwidth allocation in WMNs, considering max–min fairness (MM) and proportional fairness (PF) objectives. We have a tendency to first relax the integral association constraint and find an optimal fractional association solution. Then, we have a tendency to propose 2 rounding algorithms, particularly, largest fraction rounding and bipartite graph rounding, to urge an integral resolution and analyze their theoretical approximation ratios. Finally, we propose two approximation ratio improvement algorithms therefore that the improved approximation ratio can more accurately mirror the true performance gap between the made solution and the optimal one. Our simulation results show that the proposed algorithms achieve performance that's close to the optimal and outperform fashionable heuristic algorithms. We tend to conjointly compare the performance of PF and MM in WMNs in terms of network throughput and fairness in user bandwidth. Finally, we compare the performances of the proposed rounding algorithms and show that the approximation ratio can be reduced to 1–2 by the proposed ratio improvement algorithms. Therefore, our proposed algorithm is in a position to attain nearly optimal association control, along with bandwidth allocation, considering MM or PF, with tiny approximation ratios, in WMNs.

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Optimal Association in Wireless Mesh Networks - 4.8 out of 5 based on 46 votes

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