To switch travel mode or not? Impact of Smartphone delivered high-quality multimodal information


Travellers' mode switch behaviour with the presence of high-quality Smartphone delivered multimodal info (SMMI) appears to own rarely been addressed. This study investigated commuters’ en-trip mode call regarding switching from 'auto’ to 'park-and-ride’ (P + R) under high-quality SMMI that gives travel time for both modes, delay for auto, cause of delay, P + R value and comfort level of rail transit. It is based on a stated preference survey of Shanghai travellers. A binary logit model was developed to spot contributing factors that have an effect on mode switching choices. Results showed that SMMI can significantly influence mode selection and its impacts depend on traveller attributes, driver's previous expertise, and level of service attributes. Statistically significant explanatory variables in the model are delay for auto, comfort level of rail transit, gender, education level, income, driving expertise, driving frequency, main criterion of mode alternative, owning an easy public transportation ride card, previous use of P + R, perceived worth of existing real-time traveller information and frequency of using real-time traveller info. This study also developed a sensible logit model that encompasses policy related explanatory variables to obtain policy implications for real application of SMMI services in Shanghai.

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