Radio communications: components, systems and networks [Series Editorial]


Primarily thanks to the mixing of ideas from networks as various as cognitive radio, 5G cellular, sensors, and WLANs, in addition to the desire to provide seamless connectivity across multiple technologies and therefore the proliferation of the number of mobile applications and connected devices, fashionable wireless networks are becoming (if not already) quite complex and heterogeneous. An rising communication paradigm encompasses device-to-device multi-hop interactions during a dense urban surroundings, performing traffic offloading and relaying from one network to the opposite. Examples include cellular to WLAN handoffs and vice versa, and multi-tier cellular networks. These networks may even belong to totally different operators.

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PROJECT TITLE :Transmit Power Optimization and Feasibility Analysis of Self-Backhauling Full-Duplex Radio Access Systems - 2018ABSTRACT:We tend to analyze an inband full-duplex access node that is serving mobile users while simultaneously
PROJECT TITLE :A Sensing Contribution-Based Two-Layer Game for Channel Selection and Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio Ad-hoc Networks - 2018ABSTRACT:In cognitive radio (CR) networks, the secondary users (SUs) sense the spectrum
PROJECT TITLE :Pricing for Past Channel State Information in Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio Networks - 2018ABSTRACT:Cognitive Radio (CR) networks have received significant attention as a promising approach to enhance the spectrum
PROJECT TITLE :Wireless Resource Scheduling in Virtualized Radio Access Networks Using Stochastic Learning - 2018ABSTRACT:How to allocate the restricted wireless resource in dense radio access networks (RANs) remains challenging.
PROJECT TITLE :Centralized Cooperative Directional Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks - 2018ABSTRACT:Most previous spectrum sensing techniques use omni-directional antennas. In contrast to omni-directional antennas,

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