Stretchable Strain Sensor Based on Areal Change of Carbon Nanotube Electrode


Conventional strain sensors measure strains exerted on solid metals and are widely applied. Stretch measurements of flexible objects require strain sensors with wide dynamic range (stretch exceeding one hundredpercent) that can additionally live areal changes. Flexible strain sensors are expected to comprehend a wide range of technologies, like human interfaces, smart clothes, skin-motion monitoring, and robotic skin. Recently, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are assembled into stretchable conductors, and are potential base materials for numerous versatile sensors. Herein, we have a tendency to construct a flexible stretching sensor from urethane elastomer and conductive electrodes from singlewalled CNTs. This sensor is very thin (thickness: one hundred fifty μm), and characterised by high elasticity (up to a hundredpercent), low stress (0.eight MPa at one hundredp.c), durability (1000 cycles at fiftypercent), lightweight weight (approx. g/cm3), and sensitivity (one pF/mm2). The strain sensor is tested on a cloth fabric, and is confirmed to live the stretch area of flexible materials.

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