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Analysis of Error-Detection Schemes in Diffusion-Based Molecular Communication

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Analysis of Error-Detection Schemes in Diffusion-Based Molecular Communication


Despite recent advances in molecular communication among bio agents, the design of reliable communication schemes remains an open downside. One in every of the requirements is to develop appropriate coding schemes, that meet the molecular communication specific constraints in terms of reliability and complexity, and take into consideration the communication channel properties. In this paper, we tend to take into account diffusion-primarily based molecular communication in that the information is encoded into the concentration (e.g., on/off keying). Such a communication system is modeled as operating over a utterly asymmetric channel where one among the bits can be transmitted without any error whereas the opposite will undergo a random error by the channel. As a result of of the restrictions of bio-agents, we have a tendency to concentrate on error-detection schemes, which need far less complexity at the receiver relative to error-correction codes. To obtain an optimal detection theme, we model the detection drawback via an erasure channel and propose algorithms to get the optimal codewords efficiently for 2 completely different optimality measures. Then, we consider an error-free subfamily of such codes, namely constant weight codes, and propose an implementation specific to the molecular communication. We tend to analyze the speed of the constant-weight coding theme, compare it to the theoretical limits and specify the optimal weights and lengths of such codes.

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Analysis of Error-Detection Schemes in Diffusion-Based Molecular Communication - 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes

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