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Heterogeneous Non-Repairable Warm Standby Systems With Periodic Inspections

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Heterogeneous Non-Repairable Warm Standby Systems With Periodic Inspections


Motivated by practical applications (for instance production systems, flow transmission systems, and transportation systems), this paper considers one-out-of- N: G warm standby systems subject to periodic inspections. Periodic inspections are performed to detect failures of system components. If an online operating part failure is detected throughout inspection, an obtainable heat standby component is activated to require over the mission task. The mission succeeds if system components will complete a pre-specified quantity of labor. A state space event transition based mostly numerical algorithm is 1st urged for evaluating important mission performance indices including mission success probability, expected mission cost, expected mission time, expected mission completion delay over a desired time, and expected uncompleted work of the considered standby system. Based mostly on the proposed evaluation algorithm, inspection interval optimization issues are formulated and solved, that realize the optimal price of the inspection interval to minimize the expected total mission price subject to providing a desired level of mission success chance, expected completion time, and delay. More, combined component sequencing and inspection interval optimization problems are solved, for minimizing the expected total mission price, or maximizing the mission success likelihood. As illustrated through examples, the proposed methodology can conjointly facilitate solving dynamic optimization issues that update the optimal resolution once each element failure, resulting in further enhancements of various mission indices.

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Heterogeneous Non-Repairable Warm Standby Systems With Periodic Inspections - 4.8 out of 5 based on 83 votes

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