Low Stress Cycle Effect in IGBT Power Module Die-Attach Lifetime Modeling


Operational management for reliability of power electronic converters requires sensitive condition monitoring and accurate lifetime modeling. This study adds to the second aspect by examining the effect of cyclic junction temperature variations ΔTj of low amplitude in different stages of the power module ageing method. It's found that such relatively minor stress cycles, that happen frequently throughout normal operation, might not be able to directly initiate a crack however will contribute to the development of harm due to worry concentration. This agrees with the observation that the ageing process tends to accelerate toward the end of life. This study investigates the dependence of the ageing effect on the amplitude of ΔTj, the mean junction temperature T,,,, and this health condition of the module, and proposes a lifetime model focusing on die-attach solder fatigue. It's assumed that the future-ageing process is independent of the operational history that has led to the present state of health. The model is meant for operational management of converter systems that are subjected to frequent low ΔTj stress cycles and are presupposed to be in service reliably for a long time with a slow ageing method. Experimental results validate the model.

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