Code-Based Neighbor Discovery Protocols in Mobile Wireless Networks


In mobile wireless networks, the rising proximity-based applications have led to the requirement for highly effective and energy-efficient neighbor discovery protocols. But, existing works cannot realize the optimal worst-case latency within the symmetric case, and their performances with asymmetric duty cycles can still be improved. During this paper, we investigate asynchronous neighbor discovery through a code-primarily based approach, including the symmetric and asymmetric cases. We derive the tight worst-case latency bound in the case of symmetric duty cycle. We style a novel class of symmetric patterns referred to as Diff-Codes, that is perfect when the Diff-Code can be extended from a excellent distinction set. We have a tendency to more consider the asymmetric case and design ADiff-Codes. To guage (A)Diff-Codes, we have a tendency to conduct each simulations and testbed experiments. Both simulation and experiment results show that (A)Diff-Codes significantly outperform existing neighbor discovery protocols in each the median case and worst case. Specifically, within the symmetric case, the most worst-case improvement is up to fiftypercent; in each symmetric and asymmetric cases, the median case gain is as high as 30p.c.

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