Enhanced Temperature Stability of Coercivity in Sintered Permanent Magnet by Substitution of Ce for Didymium


Effects of partial substitution of Ce for didymium (Pr–Nd alloy, abbreviated to Di) on elevated temperature magnetic properties in sintered (Di1–xCex)27.5Dy3Al0.1Cu0.1Febal.B (wt.%, ) magnets were investigated during this paper. Temperature stability of remanence was found to decrease in Ce substitution. However, the temperature stability of coercivity was largely improved when . Temperature dependence of magnetocrystalline anisotropy field ( was improved as Ce substitution. Microstructural observation and micromagnetic analysis indicated that a microstructure of magnets was modified when . The enhancement of temperature stability of coercivity was due to the advance of temperature dependence of and the modification of microstructure.

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