Reducing Mistakes in Mathematics Problem Solving through Behavioral Training with a Tablet Computer


This paper proposes a arithmetic learning system meant to scale back mistakes in drawback solving through behavioral training employing a tablet computer. We centered on the case where students' errors weren't thanks to a scarcity of information however to a easy mistake. Specifically, we think about the context of traditional assessment ways that feature do-it-once more feedback which will focus on the straightforward mistake, vs conceptual knowledge or logic. The proposed theme aims to identify and visualize measurable options of behavior that leads to mistakes among students engaged in drawback-solving activities. As a pilot study, we tend to placed students in one among 2 teams: high-scoring and average-scoring students on a national standardized mathematics test within the Republic of Korea. Then, employing a pill laptop, we tend to collected data on the handwriting and navigation behavior of scholars during drawback solving with millisecond precision and determined its meaningful options. Throughout the experiments, fifteen of the forty five participants were trained on bound features of downside-solving behavior, identified in the pilot study. 3 problem-solving assessments were performed, and 2 coaching sessions were provided. The results showed that students who trained in drawback-solving behaviors achieved an improvement of roughly 14 p.c, without extra data training.

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